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Globalization has made our world borderless. It is very obvious in the whole aspect of life such as economic, politic, social, culture and so on. There are ties among the nations. People can move from time to time to another country. The expand of technology and information has helped people access the information easily. Globalization has helped us to open our eyes to see many possibilities and differences. Globalization also has helped people to learn, understand and to appreciate the differences. Tourism is one of the aspect brings by the globalization. Through it people can know, accept and appreciate the differences. Our world is a multicultural world, a world where the different culture lives. Komodo Island is one part of the world where cultures lives. Although Flores is only about 375 km long, its main east-west nearly 700 km long. It is divided into five main language and cultural groups.

Flores is a world that opens and welcomes you and worth to visit. Visit Flores is an opportunity that comes once in your life. It presents a wonderful nature. Its home of volcanoes, lakes (much known is three color lakes Kelimutu), many historical sites. Flores is also known for its white sand beaches. Moreover, Flores is also well known for its various motifs of Ikat weaving. It's also the main gate to see the massive ancient living lizard Komodo dragon. Flores is also a place where you can see the stars shining. Besides, its people are very friendly, very rich of culture and language. Experience the wonderful and magnificent of Flores is an adventure. In respond to your need we build our companies: www.komodoexplorer.com. These a companies based in Indonesia. We are called to conserve and introduce the richness of Flores. Its people and its nature.

Assisting people who come to our world is our task and responsibility. As a native people we have a big responsibility to keep our nature of spoiled while continue to introduce our richness to another world. We welcome and assist you with smile. Smile that makes you feel at home and smile that makes you keep Flores in your heart. To assist you we form a team work that is competent and informative. We are composed of very experienced team; our tour operator, our guides, staffs and drivers. Many of us have been happily. We have undergone many experiences: good experiences to remember; unsatisfied experiences are teacher. Therefore your feedback is needed for development and improvement of our work. Finally we are able to build a good team work who ready to serve. We are honored to serve you dear guest and make your visit memorable.

The KomodoExplorer.com is the window to glimpse the wonderful Flores and Komodo. It allows you to see the extremely beautiful and memorable Flores and Komodo, Its nature and people. The Komodoexplorer.com is one of the highly recommended company based in Labuan Bajo and Flores, Indonesia. A friend who assist and help you to discover the greatness of Flores and Komodo. The Komodoexplorer.com organizes the Flores Overland tour, Komodo trip and Komodo diving, in which you get in touch with its people and nature.

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Komodo Dragon at Komodo island in Indonesia country
Kelimutu 3 Colour Lake in Flores Island
Rinjani Mountain in Lombok Island
Komodo at Komodo island
Kelimutu 3 Colour Lake
Rinjani Mountain
traditional house of tana toraja
Orang utan kalimantan in kalimantan island
Sumba Island Landscape
traditional house of toraja
Orang utan kalimantan